Monday, November 1, 2010

Exciting News!

Ordinary Hero is doing amazing things for the month of November!  Because November is Adoption Awareness month..... Ordinary Hero (my blog queen sister #1, Kelly's) foundation is donating all profits to families raising money for their adoptions.  SO.....If you were planning on buying yourself and every family member you have an Ordinary Hero T-shirt for Christmas......You can do it now and the profits will go toward our adoption!!!  Just go to their site, buy your shirts, and in the MEMO line of your order...write KASEY.  We will then get the money put toward our adoption.  How Cool is that?  The top seller will win a matching grant from OH.....So Awesome!  The children's shirts are too cute!

No updates on Lincoln.  I am learning a different level of patience.....and I can feel myself growing because of it.  I went to my MOM2MOM bible study this morning and we are doing an awesome study.  It spoke straight to me.  It was all about God only giving you what you can handle.....I sometimes think God gives me more credit than I deserve...ha.  I know I can "handle" what I have been given but I don't necessarily want to...:) 

 H, the Candy Corn Witch
M, the Police Officer

We had an awesome Halloween!  We had a Candy Corn Witch and a Policeman.  Every year when we are finished with our Trick or Treating my kids always talk about what they are going to be the next year.  It was music to this Mommas ears to hear my children talk about Lincoln and how they should all match next year.....  Thank you Lord that this will be our last Halloween without our Lincoln! 

Don't forget to order your Ordinary Hero shirts this month!



  1. Congratulations!!! So excited to follow your family's journey! We are a family blessed by adoption ~ me, my two boys and just recently a nephew! Blessings, Denise

  2. Hello I came over to your blog from your sister's. Just wanted you to know I became a follower. My husband and I are in the early stage of our adoption, the paperchase. We too are adopting from Ethiopia. Stop by my blogs and say hey! I just started a fundraising blog and we're having our first giveway at and my other blog is

    Your littles are beautiful! Can't wait to read about you having your newest little one in your arms.

    Team One Less Broken Heart

  3. Hi Kasey! I am a friend of your sister Kristy and I know Kelly too. We came home in August with our 2 from ET: Rachel age 9 and Jordan age 5. They were both at El Olam. The older girls were assigned to a couple of little ones to take care of and Rachel was assigned to "Teddy". Kristy told us about your adoption and Rachel asks me often when "Teddy" is coming home. She loved him and misses him terribly (along with several others from the orphanage). We would love to stay in touch and know when you come home. I think it will be the highlight of Rachel's year to get to see you guys at the airport! You can email me at

  4. Hey Kasey! Coming over from Kristi's blog! So excited to follow your journey to your precious Lincoln! We are on the AGCI waitlist for a baby girl from Ethiopia! Definitely going to get a shirt to support your adoption!!

  5. yayyy, you are finally OUT in blog land...about time :) kj

  6. Coming from Kristi's blog...congrats on the referral! So...I need to go to Ordinary Hero and buy a shirt and leave Lincoln's name there...did I follow that right? :)

  7. Yes! Go to Ordinary Hero (I have it linked to their page above) and buy a shirt and in the memo of your order, write...KASEY-LINCOLN...and we will get credit for the shirt. Thank you SO much!

  8. Coming over from Kristi's blog. We are real life friends in addition to our blog connection. Congrats and I cannot wait to follow along on your journey to Lincoln!
    Love & Blessings,

  9. Congrats Kasey! I have been reading Kristi's blog and a few others along the way. So very exciting that you are adopting. I can't imagine what you have been going through, but I find PEACE in your writings as well. I have shared with Karson that adoption has also been placed on my heart and mind--I guess only GOD and time will tell where I go with that. I am so glad to have your little sister near me, but with working full time I hardly get to see her. Hoping to change that soon!! Looking forward to following your journey to Lincoln! I LOVE the name!!!

  10. Yay Kasey!!! You are so very close to beautiful Lincoln! Doesn't he kind of remind you of our James? So happy you are blogging!

  11. Hello, we are the crazy huge family that stopped off at your sister - Kristi's in August of this year. I got to see your precious boy then...of course she couldn't help but brag about him :) LOVE IT!!

    Now I am reading your story. And tears fill my eyes because we have had stories that did not go the direction we really felt was right. We had our world cave in on us....and there is nothing you can do, but trust God....because HE is ALL WE HAVE AND ALL WE NEED. PRAYING for your family & Lincoln!!!!!!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your children are planning for him too. That is AWESOME!

  12. Hi Kasey, I am so excited to follow your journey to Teddy. God called Scott and I on this journey, but I so underestimated the way it would change my everything :) It is such a spiritual journey. I'll be praying for you all and your little Teddy. He is such a little cutie pie. Can't wait to see him in his momma's arms :)

    Hugs to You!

  13. Congrats on your news!! We are adopting a little 2.5 year sweetheart from Ethiopia also! What a blessing! Love your blog design too!!

  14. Fabulous blog! So excited for your family!

  15. Hey Kasey!! I headed this way from Kristi's blog! We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia as well and will keep you and your family in our prayers as we travel this journey 'together.'

    Can't wait to see how God uses this to rock our worlds!

  16. Hi Kasey!

    I love reading Kristi's blog and was directed your way..and I just wanted to stop by and say that I'm praying for you and your family. Congratulations on your new addition. Many blessings!

  17. i follow kristi's blog. so excited about your lincoln. we liked that name for a boy, but we live in lincoln, NE now so i guess it's really good we never named a boy that! how thrilling to have him join your sweet family and his awaiting extended family. i love that there will be 3 ethiopian cousins!

    he is gorgeous, btw. but that hair definitely looks straight. what's up with that? :)

  18. I was waiting for someone to mention his straight hair :) I thought it was odd for an Ethiopian to have straight hair when we first saw him but after a bit of research....found that it isn't that odd. It is definately straight. My sister Kelly and a friend visiting her baby have both loved on our guy. They both say his hair is as straight as can be. Not a curl in it. God has perfectly made every hair on his head and I can't wait to be able to touch everyone of them.