Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sunday we are headed to stay with my sister Kristi and her fam for the night.  We have our appointment to get fingerprinted for our INS approval at 8am on Monday!!!  Every little thing I can do (physically) for our adoption makes me feel better.  I feel like I am completing something that is getting me one step closer to Lincoln.  Because traffic is so bad at that time, we are headed there the day before so that we won't have to leave in the wee hours.  Our kids LOVE their cousins and they can't wait to get there.  H is already trying to get us to go right after church.....

INS approval will be the last thing that we have to do here in the US to get our Lincoln.  Praise the Lord!!!

I will leave you with a set of fingerprints that I can't wait to see smudged all over my walls and windows.......His little hands are going to do amazing things.  I am sooo blessed!


Ordinary Hero has new shirts!  They have added some new shirts to their site and I must say....they are really cute!  There are new adult and kid designs.  I have linked their name above so head on over and get a new shirt.  Remember that they are giving away all t-shirt sale profits this month.....write our name (Kasey-Lincoln)or the name of someone else that is signed up, in the memo and they will get the profit.....  OH has been coming up with some awesome ideas of things to add to the watch for those, also. 


  1. OOOOOO--- we went the day before too because to go to New Orleans was 3 1/2 hr drive and our apt was at 8am? YIKES!

    Blessings on your travel and have fun at Kristi's.....our kids LOVED playing there :) Enjoy your family time!

  2. see you tomorrow night..we can blog together LOL :) kj