Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Beautiful Day To Play!

                                                    M and H giving a little sibling love 
I heart this weather!!!!  We are having weather in the upper 70's and this momma is loving it!!!  We took the bikes to the park after school and rode until it was about dark....which is about 5:00 these days:(.....  I would be game to live somewhere that had weather like this everyday, 365!  I had already mourned the arrival of the cold weather.....Pulled out all the coats.....Put away all the shorts.....Have been applying Vaseline to my children's chapped faces........AND then a warm front!!!  I will take it.....THANK YOU very much....any day I can get to play with my children outside before we are stuck inside all winter, I am going to take full advantage of...

H and M are exhausted when we are driving home and Matthew is staring out the window.  I said, "Are you tired?"......and he said....."Yes....but I just wish Lincoln was here with us."  What a sweet boy!  I wonder what his little mind was sitting there thinking about....what he was picturing?  My sweet, M, can't wait to be a big brother. 

We have been busy with all the extra activities going on for the Holidays!  So far...H is an Angel in the church praise choir production at church......She is a tree in the Nutcracker presentation at the local theatre......and she has tried out to be a reindeer sister in her school play for Christmas (haven't heard the outcome of that audition, yet)..... She has found a new confidence and love of performing this year and I can't wait to watch her in every single thing!!! 

It is such a small world!!!  We went to get our fingerprints done on Monday to complete our INS approval....and there was a family there that was doing the same thing.....we got to talking and discovered that we grew up in the same town and she knew my sister's ..... Everywhere we go there is always a connection to my hometown....too funny.

So....fingerprints can be checked off my list and now I just wait.....I haven't heard any updates this week about Lincoln but I know their are people working hard on our case..... I would LOVE to have ANY bit of info that I could get my hands on but I will be patient and wait to hear instead of calling everyday like I want to do :)

You can still purchase shirts from OH for the whole month of November.....They really are awesome, vintage looking, soft T-shirts.  I want to give my friends and family A BIG FAT THANK YOU for buying shirts from OH in our name.  You all truly ROCK.....and we are so humbled by your generosity!!!  

I can't wait to load up my THREE children in my car and head to the park....I am with would have been more fun if we all had been there!



  1. How lovely,what exciting news! How old is Lincoln?

  2. I love to read how families anticipate the arrival of the newest member. One of my favorite things is to listen to my children talk about their brother or sister coming home. It is so sweet and such a picture of our heavenly Father awaiting to adopt us as His children. I hope your paperwork moves through quickly to bring your son home.